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M.I.A (2017)

Hey guys,(waves).lol. I’m not dead thank God…… but I’ve been missing in action. I’m not gonna come on here and make promises of things that idk if I can keep. Theirs a lot that’s been going on in my life, which I will write about and talk about; but for now I just want to say you will see my presence more. So welcome to my blog. I will do a little revamp and attempt to post every week. I think about writing and posting every week but theirs something called procrastination and life.  I feel as if its time, so i’m back Bitches!!!lol welcome to the new year and a lot more of me, your girl fashionmavie.xoxo

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My journey with Education

Lets just get one thing straight no sugar coating anything…..I hate school.  yes I said it, I hate school and every level and form of it. well let me just start from the beginning so you understand my statement. lol. and please no judgement because this is my story to tell, and my opinion and my journey so don’t hate and i’m not telling anyone to not go to school or whatever i’m just stating my opinion and who knows you might learn something.(shrugs)lol. Continue reading “My journey with Education”

me,myself&I, thoughts, writing

Hello world!

Hello everyone, new followers, and old followers. My name is Yvegine, Pronounced “eve-gene” but I prefer to be called Gege. Its simple, easy, and no mispronunciation.My blog is called fashionmavie which is fashion is my life because I really do believe everything can be or is fashion; from where and how we take the picture to the outfit and the way we fix our hair to the intrinsic details of makeup. when picking a name I wanted something that exemplified me which is fashion is my life but half English and half french because I speak it due to my Haitian culture. so there it is. lol. what you will find out is that I love blogging. I’ve started blogging since freshmen year of College. I love it, what can I say. Your probably wondering, well Gege since you love blogging; why are you starting over? well see I have a blog on tumblr which was my first blog I ever started but as I got older I wanted something with a little more structure so I made a blogger. I didn’t know how to use it to make it how I wanted; so I went over to, now I felt like I grew and put some effort into it and It looked how I wanted but I tried to continue updating and putting up photos but it just wouldn’t let me do so…..sooooooo I decided to try one more time before I pay and own my URL that I would try WordPress since I researched and found that its one of the best blog engine to do everything that I was looking to do. I am kind of bummed that I have to start over but hey that’s life and a new journey with a clean slate. What I’m looking to accomplish is to become better creatively with pictures and my writing and also bring you things I love to talk about such as hair/makeup/clothes/relationships/religion…oww touchy/culture/education/etc. I’m a very free spirited/reserved person but through this blog you will learn allot about me and just some things period. I’m very opinionated which you will see but I hope you’ll learn to love me. Hope you all stay tuned. xoxo~fashionmavie