My journey with Education

Lets just get one thing straight no sugar coating anything…..I hate school.  yes I said it, I hate school and every level and form of it. well let me just start from the beginning so you understand my statement. lol. and please no judgement because this is my story to tell, and my opinion and my journey so don’t hate and i’m not telling anyone to not go to school or whatever i’m just stating my opinion and who knows you might learn something.(shrugs)lol. well at the roots is my parents; which are both Haitian. They came to America at 17-18 my mom and 23-24 my dad. They didn’t know a lick of English but my mom’s father made her go to the end of high school in New York and my dad only did a few months then winged it as a construction worker that rebuilds and remodels home with his own intelligence of shadowing people: (which by the way is the smartest man I know). My mom got a job went to school got a dental assistant degree and then became a CNA. My parents became married and when they had me and my brothers always told us ‘do better then us because you were born here and speak the language’… life goes on and I start elementary; my parents put me in a magnet school because they wanted me to learn other things like art and music (I mean I was playing the violin in second grade). Though I was in a magnet school, hw was always a bit difficult so my parents always had to pay for a tutor and in the summer while everyone was having fun I was in an extra help program for students that were behind to catch up. It would suck sometimes because my cousins and brothers would go to camps while i’m at school during the summer.One thing I did excel in was the arts, for instance drawing. Anyways moving on, middle school came…….and boy was that a struggle. I was trying to balance zits, getting bullied because of how I looked and not being popular and math and science was my worst classes. I would have to stay after school and my mom begging the teachers to help me a little bit more.Meanwhile coming home to parents that didn’t understand your work but just knew they had to provide and made sure we were better was hard, nonetheless high school came and my freshmen year didn’t do to bad but then transferred to a different school where the math teachers were switched every month didn’t help because I already hated math because I lacked the fundamentals but still had to move on. I took some college classes in high school and even made it on the cheer-leading squad but I made it through. So it came time when everyone knew what colleges they were getting into I didn’t have a damn clue and no help because I was the first born. You know how you choose schools because of different important aspects well……I applied to the furthest school away from home because my parents were very strict which was Fortvalley state university. Mean while I got accepted to Clark Atlanta university, life university and brenau university. I visited the campus and rushed through an entrance exam which I had to take because my SAT and ACT was low in the math and English section. I rushed through my exam because I was so excited to see the campus which by the way is beautiful and has so much history, and they didn’t tell me if I didn’t do good I would have to take classes that were lower then the regular classes and pass them in order to take other regular classes. Anyways I started as a Bio major because I wanted to be a doctor because my dad wanted me too and he said it made money and I could help people which I wanted to do, so…… I started and I was good at it but didn’t feel like it was something I wanted to do. Meanwhile I had a Passion for fashion but telling my dad that was dead. My mom encouraged it but wanted me to have something that could make me money so I could support that dream. So for certain reason’s which I will discuss in another entry I left fortvalley state university to go to Georgia gwinnett college.  Before we get into that; did I mention that Fortvalley state university is a historically black college which was very hard for me because I’ve always dealt with diversity but for the first time in my life I was at a school with nothing but African Americans which for some its cool but for me it was very different; which I will explain in a different entry. So I left one school, went to another with a different major; this time Nursing. I was so distracted at that school I barely got anything done and by the time I got myself together, they were saying I couldn’t stay their because my grades were too low. so I left their and went to a two year called Georgia perimeter college. That was cool and I was getting good grades and they had the two year nursing program but the wait was long and I just remember thinking to myself…..I don’t want to do this because it doesn’t fit all of my criteria’s that I want. I wanted a career that I would be done by afternoon, pays well,have more than just one outfit look that i’m stuck with, can work in more than one area and most importantly help people. That summer I told myself I wasn’t going to the same school and it was time that I found my career and a school I could go straight into my career instead of wait more years and Lord behold I found it brown mackie college (wish it was a different, better school.which I do not recommend to anyone…Thank God it’s closing down)and my career would be occupational therapy which my mom told me to look into. Come to find out, it checked everything off my criteria of my career. when I realized that occupational therapy was my career it became the hardest journey of my life. From the school being unorganized: making me pay for things that were expensive, to teachers trying to fail me because I had to go through corporate to change my grade, to my teachers succeeding in failing me and I having to wait 6 months to come back, to coming back passing all my classes but the teacher’s telling me that they didn’t have a facility for me to do my internship; when I found one… told them about it and they chose to give it to another student instead of me and then finishing that and the same school not sending the right requirements to the state so I could take my test. But I have to say God is good because despite all my obstacles and bullshit…I Yvegine Tranquille graduated. One of the best days of my life. The journey doesn’t finish their or get easier but I know success is possible with God’s grace and me sticking and finding my path to what I want in life. so to all of the freshmen’s entering college or for the one’s their still figuring it out, don’t give up because its possible, your going to go through your fair share of up’s and downs before you get their but you just gotta say I can do it.(even if you find yourself in tears and feel like shit…cuz I know I’s normal ) You can make it, Just do it!!!!!!!!!

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