25 Random facts about me

  1. I do not have a middle name.
  2. I was born in Queens New York.
  3. I am Haitian.
  4. My degree is in Occupational therapy.
  5. I can remember every piece of item I’ve bought and who borrows and or have an item from my closet.
  6. I am the oldest of 3.
  7. I love being in relationships than being single because of the fear of having too much bodies on me. lol or just doing too much.
  8. My favorite color is purple.
  9. I am 25 and an Aquarius.
  10. I am 5’4 1/2
  11. I love everything that has to do with hair/makeup/clothes and pics because it all deals with fashion.
  12. I really hate school but I need it so I can do the career I love.
  13. I love Italian food.
  14. My favorite show is Snapped.
  15. I am deadly afraid of bugs.
  16. My denomination is Seventh-day Adventist.
  17. I am a D.I.Y. person/bargain shopper.
  18. I love finding replicas of things that are high-end.
  19. I hate cooking because it takes so long (especially in the Haitian culture) but…give me a recipe and I can duplicate it. I cant cook off of free-styling.
  20. My mouth is a sailor, which I am working on. I don’t curse around adults that I don’t know though. lol
  21. My room is always cluttered but, I can always find where things are.
  22. I’ve been out of the country quite a bit; Mexico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Canada just to name a few.
  23. My favorite movie is waist Deep.
  24. I have been natural all of my life.
  25. Last but not least my favorite animal is a penguin.DSC01845 xoxo~fashionmavie

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