Hello world!

Hello everyone, new followers, and old followers. My name is Yvegine, Pronounced “eve-gene” but I prefer to be called Gege. Its simple, easy, and no mispronunciation.My blog is called fashionmavie which is fashion is my life because I really do believe everything can be or is fashion; from where and how we take the picture to the outfit and the way we fix our hair to the intrinsic details of makeup. when picking a name I wanted something that exemplified me which is fashion is my life but half English and half french because I speak it due to my Haitian culture. so there it is. lol. what you will find out is that I love blogging. I’ve started blogging since freshmen year of College. I love it, what can I say. Your probably wondering, well Gege since you love blogging; why are you starting over? well see I have a blog on tumblr which was my first blog I ever started but as I got older I wanted something with a little more structure so I made a blogger. I didn’t know how to use it to make it how I wanted; so I went over to blog.com, now I felt like I grew and put some effort into it and It looked how I wanted but I tried to continue updating and putting up photos but it just wouldn’t let me do so…..sooooooo I decided to try one more time before I pay and own my URL that I would try WordPress since I researched and found that its one of the best blog engine to do everything that I was looking to do. I am kind of bummed that I have to start over but hey that’s life and a new journey with a clean slate. What I’m looking to accomplish is to become better creatively with pictures and my writing and also bring you things I love to talk about such as hair/makeup/clothes/relationships/religion…oww touchy/culture/education/etc. I’m a very free spirited/reserved person but through this blog you will learn allot about me and just some things period. I’m very opinionated which you will see but I hope you’ll learn to love me. Hope you all stay tuned. xoxo~fashionmavie



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